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Railings outside a property can significantly increase the value of your home and the interest from potential buyers.
With minimal periodic maintenance railings can become a timeless permanent addition to your property.
Our company mission is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
Our railings are top quality and beautifully finished.
Terms & Conditions

Once a quotation has been accepted and a site survey is performed, cancellation of works will incur a charge. Once an installation date has been agreed (manufacture has been authorised) cancellation is not possible. Changing the style or height is not possible after manufacturing authorisation.

A 50% deposit is required unless total value exceeds £3000 or Automation is part or all of the quotation..
If an agreement for payment can not be made products supplied can be removed at our discretion with resultant credit control companies (Equifax etc) informed.
We are not responsible for obtaining planning permission or building control approval for any work at your property.
We are not liable for any damages caused through misuse during the guarantee period.
We operate within the areas covered by the standard London A-Z. If your property is outside of this area there may be additional long-distance charges.
We are not responsible for ensuring that proposed works are within the confines of the customers property and are not responsible for any changes resulting in future realisation of property ownership disputes.
Info - The distance between railings is set at max 100mm, this is set to avoid a child’s head possibly becoming stuck. to insure this maximum measurment our railings may have a slightly small gap.
During installation the team will do there best to leave the site as neat and tidy as possible.
Due to the nature of onsite welding and fabrication required to install railings we can take no liability for any non intentional damages. We can therefore take no responsibility for the stability of existing pillar or plinth's at your property. We use our experience to avoid cracks or minor damage but sometimes these things do occur and can not be helped or repaired by us.
It is recommended when planning a garden project to have the railings installed prior to any delicate finishings.
If exposed concrete has been used during your installation, it requires sealing & painting. Treatment must be completed as soon as the concrete is fully dry, (3 to 4 days after installation depending on the weather). This treatment is not included in our quotation. We recommend Dulux smooth masonry paint is used and we have found that the most traditional paint colour is a very dark grey. The name of this Dulux paint is 'ICE STORM1 6C8' with Dulux paint code 00NN07000.
No Liability for sub supplied components eg post boxes or gate closers is included. These issues should be taken up with the specific manufacturer.

All our products are assembled by hand. Therfore we can acheive a finish as close to 'Victorian' as is possible.
The powder coat used for the railings is as follows.
One coat of zinc oxide.
One coat of Satin black.

Other colours are available upon request.
We use powder coating as its far more durable than paint and requires minimal maintenance.
However at our discretion should any issues arise especially within a short time frame
we would come out immediately to rectify the problem.


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